Today, I say farewell to a piece of software that has shared my professional uprising as a dev, today I let go off an old friend, today i uninstall chrome, after nearly 12 years of dedication, hard work and pain staking performance issues from time to time, you went from the child star that fixed what was wrong with browsers back in 2008, and became the abusive man child that crashes my system when I open you now, so enough with your bullshit.

Today I transfer my things to Edge(chromium) and say farewell old friend, there's only so many BSOD's you can cause just by launching a new tab without hardware acceleration before I can not stand the sight of you anymore.

I wish you a good and stable life, but your creators obviously couldn't give a fuck anymore about being the "light weight and fast" browser you once were.

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    I also recently (2 or 3(?) months ago) switched from Chrome to new Edge. The switch was easy and I since then completely switched over, even on mobile. It has a lot of features Chrome doesn't and for some reason, MS managed to fix some issues I had with Chrome. For example, since Covid start, Chrome's video decoding got fucked up frequently, especially for VP9 videos. Once they fixed it, the next update messed it up again.

    In the whole time I am using Edge, and it had a couple of updates, it didn't even once change its video behavior in any way and all videos run with even less CPU & GPU usage than in Chrome before the mess ups started (Don't start with Firefox though, it's even worse than messed up Chrome)

    I really like the collections feature. I use it pretty often aside the normal bookmarks.

    Switching over was as easy as installing Chromium Edge, starting it and never opening Chrome again, because Edge imports the whole session, not only the data. It's as if you never switched.
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    @Alice the import was actually fast, although a couple of extensions didn't come across automagically.

    Interesting that they were on both chrome/edge stores though. Minor thing really.

    The send to phone / send to pc is a lot nicer then chromes implementation.. I can see myself actually using this.

    Ooooh wtf!
    Bookmarks on steroids!

    I can somehow seeing myself getting comfortable with this, hmm there's something I never thought I would say 😂

    As much as Firefox tries to be the browser to go to, I've never enjoyed it, the quantum version almost did it for me.
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    @C0D4 You can just install normal extensions from the chrome webstore, though. It even tells you so in an extra notification when opening it. In case you didn't know. I originally expected some blocking from other sources or something. But nope, they are like "here you go, you are free to just use this other store than ours."
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    A lot of folks I know are moving to Edge and I have been waiting to try it out.

    @C0D4 let me know your feedback after using Edge.
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    @C0D4 Quantum release was a big flop in my opinion. I still remember the release day, when everyone before that day was like "haha! it's gonna be fast, vroom vroom and not going to use much ram!" and then everyone was complaining about worse performance and way more ram usage than Chrome at the time.

    I used Firefox way before I used Chrome. And I switched for reasons. They never improved on those and their tries to do so made it even worse. Firefox is not very attractive to me.
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    @Alice so does all that extensions which work on Chrome, work on Edge too?

    For example, uBlock Origin.
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    @F1973 I am using uBlock Origin since Chrome and I had no problems switching. And yes, technically all Chrome extensions should work normally. That's also what they advertise.

    My only guess is that some extensions don't get transfered for config reasons or something and have to be installed manually.
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    @Alice got it. Yes, can add manually (since I don't have many extensions anyway)

    I was just curious about this being a chromium based so how all of it worked.

    Weekend would be exciting.
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    @F1973 first real impressions, it seems usable.

    Ram is around 500mb with the 19 plugins I have and 1 tab, that was 1-1.2 GB with chrome.

    You have access to edge and chromes extension stores so you can install either with no issues but seems a lot of the extensions i use are already in the edge store.

    I had to install Bitwarden manually but what ever 🤷‍♂️

    Extension configurables have also come across - that helps a lot in not having to reconfigure anything.

    No BSOD on launch... so already winning 😅
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    @C0D4 hah!! Interesting. Will try out. Thanks :)
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    New Edge has a great icon, too x:
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    Vivaldi is also a pretty nice Chromium version - available also on Linux.
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    @C0D4 19? :o now I'm curious
    Could you list the most important one you're using?
    Glad you're liking the switch so far, though!

    @Alice I haven't found too many issues with Firefox, but it does need lots of work to make it like I want. I can definitely understand why some can't be bothered.

    I'll give Edgium a go once my work "lappy" (it's your fault I'm using that word @Root) gets updated
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    @Jilano You’re welcome 😊
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    Update: I installed it this evening and in love.

    I almost quit Google and started using Bing.

    Also love the Bing's background of vivid images from around the planet.

    Funnily when I imported my bookmarks, it also transferred the cookies and I was auto logged into every site.

    Only thing I'll miss is cross platform and backup of my Bookmark syncing to my Google universe.

    Can be resolved via linking things to MS but then will have to migrate entirely.

    Let's see how things evolve. Until now, loving it.
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    @F1973 "it also transferred the cookies and I was auto logged into every site."

    That's what I meant with it "imports the whole session, not only bookmarks and stuff"

    The switch is like opening Edge and continuing to do what you were doing, as if you never switched.

    Also wanna say in case you want to still use Google over Bing (like I am doing), you can completely switch the SE in Edge over to Google, it's just a few extra steps in the options for Edge's new tab page search
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    @Jilano 🤔I'll get the list for you.

    Everyday use:

    - Bitwarden
    - GitMaster
    - ublock origin
    - https everywhere
    - modHeader
    - Requestly
    - Salesforce API Fieldnames
    - Salesforce Lightning Inspector
    - Dark Reader

    When I need to:

    - Builtwith technology Profiler
    - colorpick eyedropper
    - disable Js
    - enable rightclick
    - Gofullpage screen capture
    - Page Monitor
    - Privacy Pass
    - Visual Event
    - React Developer Tools
    - WebRTC network limiter
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    @Alice Yes, I switched my default SE to Google and then back to Bing via Manage Search Engines.

    I knew that. Hah!! 😜😜

    But thanks guys.. this was a good switch.

    Also what I loved is how time changes everything.

    I used Chrome to download Edge.

    While using Edge and Bing, I got pop ups from Google asking me to switch to Chrome and Google.
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    @C0D4 Arigato Mister Roboto!

    I'm sharing a few with you, but others I have no need to. I'll check them out in details just to be sure!

    PS: You can disable JS with uBlock Origin directly, no need another add-on for that except for convenience
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    @Jilano there's a few of these that are redundant, I just haven't removed them 😅

    Color picker is built into ms power toys now so I can even remove that!
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    I'm sorry, but I still don't understand why people use any extension at all to block JavaScript / block all and enable it for specific sites. It's implemented in chromium browsers by default.
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    @Alice I don't block JS by default.
    But having a means just to toggle it on/off when needed is convenient.
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    @C0D4 Yes, but you can do both with the default feature for blocking JavaScript. That's why I am confused by the fact that people use extensions for it.
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    @Alice, saves opening settings, finding Javascript, adding the block / allow list.

    I can just push a button for a temporary block, without leaving the page. I only ever disable for testing purposes.
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    > running without hardware acceleration
    > one tab crashes your PC
    either A) this is a 9x box or B) this is gonna be a goddamn nightmare to clean because your PC needs some fucking work done on it. If Chrome has these issues but Edge doesn't, something's off.
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