In the Global Blockchain Congress currently taking place in Kolkata, India, 'IT' officials from PWC India and IBM India start their speaks right after a popular cryptography professor from Belgium and a Blockchain entrepreneur from Brazil.

Every word these 'IT officials' uttered showed how shallow and business minded the IT managers and marketers are.

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    Like what did they speak about? Even the ones from IBM?
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    @asgs the professor and the Brazilian entrepreneur talked about the actual technology that everyone wanted to hear. The PWC and IBM people talked about integrating 'human civilization' using Blockchain, and most of their ideas were complete BS. Like developing an app similar to Uber using Blockchain.
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    @shubhadeepb I can agree about improving civilization though it is farfetched, but Uber-like app? 😐
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    @asgs Yes. An Uber like app. I really do not have any idea that why someone would develop an Uber app using Blockchain, specially a company like IBM. I have given just one example, there were other similar ideas too, which I can't remember now.
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    Well IBM has sold off most of their real tech business because real work doesn't create enough profit. They have throwing around BS as major part of their business strategy because it's cheap to make.
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    The level of incompetence you see in the higher ups is simply frustrating. You wouldn't want to be around such people, but you are gonna find these people wherever you go. 🤢
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    95% of everything is crap.
    And in the corporate world, crap rises to the top.
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