Number one rule by the product team

Respect the beats

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    I have no respect for Beats, they are crappy and overpriced.
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    Whats the best way to show this to my coworkers?
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    This applies to anyone who is obviously deeply focused on his work, regardless of beats :)
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    @irene ur missed that point
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    @dav1221 I think ur missing the point
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    @netctl use it as ur desktop background during a presentation
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    @irene amen. Clicked on this post to write the same. <3
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    @Observable also the materials are better. I have some with cloth instead of fake leather shiet that flakes everywhere after some months. Seen the flaking on a lot o beats though
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    @irene cool. I've seen a lot of flakey people.
    But i kinda grew to like my cloth ish ones. They are about... 5-6 years old now?
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    It must be the Bose with the noise cancelling function
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