Why do users find it so hard to understand short and clear error messages that are in place to inform them what's going wrong? Why do they instead waste my time when the message clearly says that the password is too short and hasn't got any special characters? FFS!

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    Because they don't know what special characters means. They shouldn't really have computers.
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    @Letmecode It's not like it doesn't say what special characters are (in this case), real issue seems to be the lacking will to actually read the message when they see something in red
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    @Letmecode my 10 year old knows what they are, some things should become apparent when you use something. It's tedious to explain every single thing. My iPhone didn't come with a 30,000 page manual. FFS.
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    @StefanH "folder" is already an abstraction... how abstract can you go?
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