I'll start reading Rick Cook's books :)
I hope they are not too hard to understand for a non-english guy ^^

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    hehe, preparing to become a wizard? 😁
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    what's it about, never heard any about it
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    I read that as Rick's Cook Book and wondered why is a cookbook called wizard's bane...
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    @tysa it's a pretty entertaining scifi/fantasy series. 5 books. And 1st book starts of with a computer programmer getting summoned (magic teliportation) into an alternative world where magic exists, and the person who summoned this programmer because he is supposed to be the most powerful wizard ever. However, he's next to useless as he's never even had to survive without electricity and running water. I won't spoil the series (other than to say the focus of the books is not about a useless person inside a world of magic). There are quite a few twists and turns that make it a great read, especially for developers.
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    @brettmoan that sounds amazing! I think I'll give it a read
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    UPDATE : Actually pretty easy to understand, nice writing and the jokes make me smile :) Think I'm gonna enjoy the serie !
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