What this? Kids who use tablets and technology have IMPROVED fine motor skills over those who do not.

How can this be? Everything the new generation has that older generations did not is always the worst thing ever.

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    Kids having access to tablets is good, in MODERATION, I do coding (for kids) games and they also use them to watch tv shows from time to time but beyond that it’s not a device to be planted in their hands and let and forget about for several hours.

    Leaving them with the device for hours at a time increases rate of addiction, next-gen of adults will be so divulged into their screens the real world will be a thing of the past.
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    Who is arguing for abandoning kids in front of tablets and not filtering or moderating the content and time?

    Hammers are good, killing someone with a hammer is bad.

    It's all tools, it's how you use them that matters.

    I'm just arguing against the idea of things being intrinsicly bad without context.
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    @Alice there are many people who just outright dislike smart phones and tablets, and don't let their kids use them because they are 'bad' for them.
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