So I never tried to downvote something here. And then a saw a bullshit rant of a PHP dev... I proceed to make my first downvote, and what I get??? A fucking pop-up requiring me to justify why I dislike the rant... Fuck that, I have enough with my boss and my girlfriend asking me explanations of everything... Bullshit popup

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    I wanted to upvote this but I realized that it was missing the meta tag, so I downvoted it instead.
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    @taigrr couldn't care less
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    It’s to determine WHY x needs a downvote. The spam notifies dfox where as repost removes it from other people’s feeds in the event it’s a meme.
    The not for me is to - - and remove it from your view
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    @C0D4 Because of your answer I'll assume you are part of the creators/admins...
    So with the "imminent danger" of been banned from here, I'll tell you my very subjective opinion. Your mechanism to prevent spam and reposts are in the way of enjoying freely the magnificent place that is devRant.
    I'm quite fond of congruence, I don't know if that's related to my line of work. But this rant was the product of the incongruence of been asked a feedback regarding why I dislike something and the free acceptance of my "kudos" to some stranger about some thought he decided to share with the community.
    I always thought a "rant" is a way of reaching what is called "catharsis". I mean, that's what get me here. And if some wannabe posts random bullshit, just to get attention in the form of upvotes (cof cof Facebook likes), I'd like to just hit the -- without a popup asking me "what went wrong?"
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    @C0D4 And I hope you don't take that reply in the wrong way, honestly it's just a rant
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    @marcorodnav I’m not an admin, so your safe 😂

    Actually I was just letting you know why these are shown, there’s hidden features behind them all.

    Sadly there’s a lot of non ranty rants amongst us, but not every social platform can stick to its core all the time, plus the memes section is like cancer to my eyes, so I tend to mark any of those that fall into the depths of normal rants as reposts.
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    @C0D4 couldn't agree more with you about the memes section... Most of the time it's the same that I've already seen in other platforms.
    And since you mentioned the subject... Man, how much I hate when I see a screenshot of a fucking tweet hahaha
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    Tapping on "not for me" requires no additional thought.

    Also disagreeing with something alone won't get you banned. It's sad if you live somewhere where such arbitrary acts are common.
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