I am quitting my job in the next couple of weeks. I don't even have a job lined up. I can't deal with doing Design work as a developer when you have a whole ass design team. Like what the fuck. Then I nearly do development. Oh and your gonna bitch at me when I mess up in design, then threaten to fire me? Well you can shove that shit all up your entire ass. Fuck this Job. I am doing my own thing. I don't care if I become homeless cause Fuck I'll be more happier I did that then be at this concentration camp. I am gonna live my life and own. Cause fuck everything corporate Jobs is fucking life sucking. Please Fire me. I GIVE NO FUCKS ANYMORE. Sick of being depressed and stressed. I want to be a real developer!!!! argghhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Fuuuck. I wish I could quit right now too but my wife would definitely not like that. She also wants to quit her job, she has it worse than me.

    Most jobs fucking sucks. Fuck.
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    Do whatever the fuck u want until u get fired
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    @mclovinit. dude. I get it. I am going to stay professional about everything. I am going to move out my place and just figure things out. I can't stay in this environment it's not healthy.
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    this is part of learning, learn how to not give a fuck. A job is a job, if you don't like it all you have to do is find another one. When to quit is called by your bank account not by a rant.

    I suggest you get into codefights.com, win some tick the 'contact me for a job' option and you will ;)
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    @mundo03 Yeah. Not giving a fuck is the solution while you're still in that shitty job. That's how you keep yourself from going insane. It sucks that we are in a situation/society where it's a bad idea to quit your job when you don't have something else lined up yet. I wish there would be some kind of change to deal with that.
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    @mundo03 I got savings for 6 months. So I mean I'll find a job by then. Also, my lease is up so I am gonna maybe move back home.
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    @xociety oh great. Quit dat job!
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    Stackoverflow careers my friend. Check it out and see if you can snag a remote role as a supporting engineer.
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    Literally did the exact same thing 2 weeks ago. You've got this, stay strong and know you're better than how they treated you!
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