Tl;Dr: Client has no idea how much development costs

(Un)potential client has been asking to develop an AV solution for Android phones to sell on the play store. Problem is I know they're cheap fucks and won't pay for a proper development cycle. Just for an exercise I put together the minimum cost they are looking at if they cut back on a lot of things and purchase lots of things off the shelf and gave them a bare minimum cost of £4350. Which is utterly fucking ridiculous to think you could develop something even half decent for that. I mean we all know that AV is a bit of a joke for any serious threat, it just protects from the billions of pests in cyberspace, but I mean come on.

Anyway, they are freaking out because apparently that's a lot. Out of interest, what would be your ballpark figures for this.

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    Best AV
    for(var i = 0, size = files.length; i < size ; i++){
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    your hourly rate mulipied by time needed to build the app?

    so if your rate would be hundert and twenty pounds an hour (£120/h : £4350) then you would need to finish the app within 37 hours or 1 work week.
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    A very barebone av would take about 3 months, so just multiply it with an hourly rate * 1.5
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    Plus taxes. 4k-ish is ridiculous either way
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    @coolboole better still

    for file in files:
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    No way. As said above, that needs to be completed in a working week which is never going to happen.

    I would factor that by 10 as a minimum.
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    av = antivirus? oh... 😲

    There are multi million dollar companies with a lot bright minds that work 24/7 to find malicious software. Still their software works only half the time and mostly for old threats. So how do you think you could do an anti virus software for £4350 that isn't remotely useless?
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    @heyheni exactly. Just shows how thick they are. That price is based on buying a load of shit premade components online.
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