Some days ago I finished "Ray tracing in a weekend" (Peter Shirley) and I'm learning a lot :D

In the new year I will start with "Ray tracing the next week", but there are still some things I want to tackle before that (improve code quality, optimize... it's my first project that is bigger than a codeforces problem solution, a part from the projects at work).

Any sources of wisdom and recommendations are welcome!!

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    Looks beautiful!
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    Raytracing in a weekend is awesome 😃
    It tought me the basics of raytracing better than a fuckton of academic papers and lectures. Im also planning on continuing as i get some free time.
    David kuri’s unity implementation also helped me a lot!
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    @PreyK really cool!! I'm not too familiar with Unity, but I will read trying to understand the ideas behind the code. I hope at some point I can add full images and more complex colourings to the objects/background ^^
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    @retnikt probably has nothing to do with nvidia's rtx cards
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    But it’s not real-time
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    @retnikt blender can do ray tracing for more than 8 years
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    @sunfishcc no, it is not. Maybe later I try that. For now, just learning. I will keep adding functionality and try to optimise as much as possible. At some point parallelize it. It seems like a good side project to learn stuff of how much you can keep doing over time ^^
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