What is the point of disabling the fullscreen button on a youtube video embed?

And funnily enough, I seem to find this on a lot of sites for software, that have a demo video embedded the page or some shit, like a screen recording in this tiny little frame where I can't read anything because it's in this 400 pixel wide box, that I can't fullscreen. I don't understand it at all! What purpose does it serve? You're actually encouraging me to leave your stupid site to view the damn video on youtube.com so I can actually read the text in your stupid ass video.

Why does youtube even give you the option to remove the fullscreen button in your embeds in the first place? They even recently removed some of the "modest branding" features, like hiding the title, or removing the recommended videos at the end, but they thought that this feature was valuable enough to keep?

This may seem irrational to complain about, but I'm confused and befuddled more than anything else? If I'm embedding a video on a website, the last thought I have in my mind is "Oh, I really don't want people to see my video fullscreen. Better make sure I disable that!"

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    It's good that Google gives more options about embedding videos.
    The bad thing is the one who is using it on his web site can't use those options in the right way..
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    YouTube is not allowed to go full screen unless you allow it explicitly with an attribute on the iframe, that's why.
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    @Lor-inc yeah, you're probably right about that. Most cases are probably due to forgetting the allowfullscreen attribute. That's understandable, but still frustrating.

    So then why the hell does YouTube give you a URL attribute to hide the fullscreen button? (Although I think if you do this you may be able to still use the keyboard to fullscreen the video) I don't get it.
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    It's relevant for me, thanks
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