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Credits : Riot App

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    Amazing! XD
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    That is creativity! :D
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    Shaking polling = battery waster. Unless there is some new Android based shake event which doesn't require that feature...

    Just give the option to turn that off if you do use it since it can be unexpected when just carrying the phone and that pops up....

    Source: I've seen apps do that without me shaking the phone in frustration. Some apps previously stated that the feature for shake for feedback consumed more battery. Maybe it can be done better now but it is good to have to option to disable that.
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    Ts, sick
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    This cracked me up so hard! XD
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    Devrant should introduce a feature: You seem to be shaking your phone in frustration. Do you want to rant about it?
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    @jhokkar but like, system wide so it pops a notification banner when you shake out of frustration, might be good fun lol
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    Devrant running in the background, opening a new rant for you when you shake your phone in frustration XD

    They should totally give you that option :D
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    You mean something like this?
    Just created with macrodroid.
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    @manisarao nice :D

    Devrant should still make it an option though :P
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    @kvsjxd haha yeah, jugaad FTW!!
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    OMG! That's so awesome.
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    Meanwhile on the pornhub app: you seem to have stopped shaking your phone. *kleenex commercial pops up*
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    Omg how great is that? :'D
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    Android API has an "isUserAMonkey" method BTW :)
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    Snapchat has this too.
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    @ple103 there's already an app for that
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