* Learn GoLang
* Automate backup on all my servers
* Finish small projects
* Begin on a bigger GoLang project

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    Somehow, same
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    why golang?
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    I don't really know why GoLang, but I was on a Google developer conference and they talked about GoLang, and it seemed like a awesome langues to learn
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    @xaner4 It's a really nice language.

    If you want to learn it, install Go and execute these commands:

    go get golang.org/x/tour/gotour
    go tool tour

    It's going to give you a good idea on how the language works.
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    @filthyranter this is the kind of stuff I keep devRant for.
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    @filthyranter thanks ❤️ I will look into it next weekend when i have time 😁
    Do you have some small projects ideas i can build to learn?
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    @xaner4 I have no project ideas yet, either. I might just port my MultiCube (a .NET C# project) to it for funsies.
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    go is soo great
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    1. Working on that
    2. Was working working on that over the holidays
    3. Never gonna happen
    4. Will happen before 3
    4.1 It might not be GoLang for me...
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    1y later and I haven't even started on most of them :P Hopes 2020 becomes a better year for self-study and doing some small projects
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