Client(On Call): I emailed some query a day before. I got a response too. But, i am not able to find answer of my specific query.

Me: Let me check that for you. Yes, it is there. See the mail carefully.

Client: No. It's not there.

Me: Can you read the whole mail for me?

Client: Sure. *Started Reading* Oh yes. Yes. it is here. *Hangs up the Phone.*

Me: Sigh.

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    son of a bitch !
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    Take some self respect, do not, I repeat DO NOT help assholes like this
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    Action items. The stupids only understand bullet points and summaries.
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    He rubber duck'd you
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    I did this with my last boss so many times lol

    He always got angry and blamed me for not being clearer. Thorough or short, technical or ELI5, he never understood. That's what zero reading comprehension gets you. Halfway through my employment, I swear he completely stopped reading anything I wrote, which is sad because I was 100% remote and everyone communicated almost exclusively via Slack.

    But yes, "one if the stupids" describes him quite well. Talented at sales and talking, but that. was. it.
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