Bulma CSS is awesome ♥️

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    Better than Bootstrap?
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    @Marl3x See for yourself. I didnt work with bulma - yet. But people seem to be pretty happy with what Bulma can do.
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    I feel it's better than bootstrap. Bootstrap feels kinda bloated. Bulma is CSS only and does a really good job with it. Also it doesn't have weird naming like col-md-5. It has these in simple English like is-one-fifths
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    Have worked with bulma and bootstrap both and I agree bulma is best no doubt. Even the default looks of components are so much better
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    Agree. Compared to bootstrap, i think it looks miles better with less lines
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    Skeleton css is awesome too. Minimalist and simple enough
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    Bulma is nice, and definitely better than bootstrap.

    A ++ for the super-minimal skeleton as @agiletelescope pointed out. I've used that on multiple projects. (Though I prefer Susy)
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    Bulma is a great option if you love doing frontend work, but still want a solid base. It's big, but lighter and better structured than bootstrap.

    As someone who HATES frontend work but always needs "a quick acceptable admin panel" or a "fast demo layout":

    I'm a fan of purecss.io, because it's incredibly tiny, while still packing all the essentials. It also offers better tools for utilizing horizontal space on desktop displays than other responsive grids. Alternatively, milligram.io is even lighter, and one of the prettiest out-of-the-box in my opinion, although it's a bit more opinionated as well.
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    I’m somewhat confused by this thread. To me BULMA is the Mallorca LUG - Benevolent Users of Linux in Mallorca’s Area.
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