What do you guys listen to while coding at work/home?
Looking to explore playlists.

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    For me rap is really good. Right now I'm exploring Eminem, so I just have a Playlist of him
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    Bruno Major
    Toni Leys

    Something for everbody :D
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    That's pretty hard core. Looks like I'll need a good pair of headphones to isolate the sound at work!
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    No audio on computer except the terminal bells
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    Annoying coworkers..
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    Hence the question.
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    When I need to focus..

    Lindsey Stirling


    Hans Zimmer (produced soundtracks for a lot of movies)

    Few random others, but violin/string-based instrumentals.
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    @bewatermyfriend actually that'd be a good band name 🤣
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    Type in "chill mix" on YouTube. The ones by KoalaControl, MrSuicideSheep, ChillYourMind, etc. are really soothing. They're about an hour long and good enough to let you focus on work.
    Otherwise, meditation music also works best when you don't want music with lyrics. Try out the zen music tunes on YouTube.
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