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- Referred to manager as "Mein fuhrer" to a colleague in slack.
- Reading an email from a recruiter.

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    Did they really fired you because of that?
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    Fuck, that's some serious bad taste... Good luck with the search.
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    no, manager doesn't know, only other colleague knows. Haven't been fired, was saying he's treating us like shit and its making me want to look for another job
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    @practiseSafeHex I'd delete those messages to be sure.

    Slack channels, including private channels and direct messages can be exported by the owner of the team.

    You might be heading off to another company, but that would be the least favorable way to go if your new employer calls for a reference.
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    @bittersweet even direct messages? Are you sure? If so, I also should start looking for a job.
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    @ArchLinux @visudo

    Yeah, even what you post to yourself is exported. Although I've found that it's not on by default.

    I assumed it was default, because I can get bulk "compliance exports" for my team (we must do this to comply with government to detect fraud & breaches of NDAs).

    But your boss has to be on a paid plan and apply for the functionality to be activated.

    So the chance your manager has seen your messages is not that high, as he would have to dig through a zipped json dump.

    But I would still consider everything in Slack as "not private".
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    @bittersweet oh god. The workspace I'm in doesn't have that Compliance export enabled. If they turn it on I'll be very careful what I'm typing.
    At least messages sent before allowing this won't be exported.
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    Man, imagine if we had the technology to keep chats private, I'm thinking something like an "encoded" message of some sorts, securing it from one end to another...
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    If it’s their corporate slack then it’s the messages are theirs and not yours.

    Don’t be silly on slack unless you’re happy to have them read.
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    But the Fuhrer comment had me howling.
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    Given how well my requests to try automate anything on the team are, or trying to not use Excel for everything, I am 110% sure he won’t know about or use tools to see what people are talking about in other channels.

    I’m nearly of the mind set that he should know anyway. Given how badly things are going, and how many people are leaving I’m thinking we should discuss this and do something about it (I know fantasy right)
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    Heil Hydra
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