Huawei published an ad stating their Mate 20 Pro smartphone has been voted phone of the year 2018 in my country.

The only problem is the survey they refer to has been done by a completely unknown mobile news website. That site looks a lot like some DIY blog from 2010 (it even uses FB comments widget), and with 10 post per month it definitely doesn't get much traffic. Talk about integrity...

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    Oh, and it there was any doubt how valid the data is, this is how they've published it:
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    This chart only needs around 100 votes to make sense.

    Sadly, any poll is biased based on its target audience anyway without a diverse and large user base.
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    Did they even publish absolute numbers to this diagram, so it is possible to guess how relevant this "survey" is? Otherwise I could just say phone "..." is the phone of year while only asking my family.

    Who thought this would be a great idea!?

    Btw.: Do you mind sharing the source?
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    I mean, do people really put much thought into exaggerated marketing claims like this one?
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    @hitko What can one say against this mighty excel diagram? :)
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