I just finished watching bandersnatch. God in the beginning I indentified so much with the main character.
Now I'm just concerned about my mental health.

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    I wonder what happens if I pick the other cereal...
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    @xalys I also wondered about a ton of other things but actually a lot of the choices you make either have no impact on the final outcome, or redirect you to another ending that you probably already encountered.

    Which is brainfuckingly cool
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    @chaoticdenim well seeing as the whole idea of the episode is that you, in reality, don't have a choice in anything you do, that really makes a lot of sense
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    You think you are the one playing the character by making choices.

    However, it is you who is being played. You can't do as you like at all, you can only do what they let you do.

    For example, I wanna bone that psychiatrist too bad :3
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    @chaoticdenim it’s the illusion of free will but he still decides the outcome :)
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