**Evolution of Cursee's Search Queries**

Chronological orders from 2007 to 2018

- internet not working
- wifi not working
- wifi not working on ubuntu
- wifi not working on ubuntu XX.xx
- install wifi driver ubuntu XX.xx
- install Realtek rtl88xxxx on ubuntu Xx.xx

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    2008: Boobs
    2009: Tentacles, Boobs, HTML
    2010: How 2 get boobs, CSS, PHP
    2011: Boobs, Tentacles
    2012: Boobs, Estrogen, Tentacles
    2013: Therapists, Boobs, Tentacles
    2014: Boobs, Tits, HRT, bad therapist
    2015: Tentacles, Boob pain, Hard lump not cancer, GameMaker Studio
    2016: My boob pain is gone pls fix, estrogen effects, tentacles
    2017: {insert some other dev stuff here}
    2018: surgeon destroyed my life, pain, hell lot of pain, fml, drawing, drawing basics, water colors, digital painting tips, brushes, affinity's equivalent to function X from AI.
    2019: drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, drawing, painting
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    @Alice I’m afraid to ask for context
  • 6
    @Alice was expecting to see "boobs" every year. You disappointed me :3
  • 12
    @cursee Don't have to search for them that often since I got my own pair 😏
  • 6
    @Alice that's not fair 😣
  • 6
    @cursee Just get your own ones 🤷‍♀️
  • 5
    @Alice I'll have after i get married 😏
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    @cursee You could also just get fat.

    Regarding your post, might be time to switch to something other than Ubuntu if you're having that much trouble ;)
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    @Jilano not really an Ubuntu issue 😁 just an example I picked. I used to search with vague terms and eventually learn how to search to get right solutions using precise and correct keywords.
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