* cries in corner *

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    People need to know that China,japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and similar countries are NOT whole of asia
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    Sad but True lol
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    @ausername then what continent are they grouped under? Australia?
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    @segfault0xff NOT WHOLE of Asia. There are a shit tonne of other countries in Asia. Just because someone is from Asia doesn't mean they are similar to Chinese
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    @ausername im going by tectonic plates. Does anyone seriously think there is a single asian culture?
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    In India we use bare hands instead of chopsticks or forks 😂😂
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    @segfault0xff people actually do
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    Some of the earliest use of forks was in Persia, which was in Asia when I went to school
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    should add a feature on git to detect the client timezone and use a corresponding alias to git fork command
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    We need Spoon and Chopstick. We should file a petition.
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    Russia is more Asian than European!

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