Why does it require to have posted something before I can set a user profile image?

That would be all, except I discovered you apparently need to verify email address before you can post.
Except, the message that says I need to verify took my post and threw it into space, which means I had to retype it. What the fsck?

So here I am, new user, posting a rant, because I wanted to associate an image for my profile to my account and had to find a small nitpick to post about, but now I'm almost actually mad because WTF is web design that you couldn't A) store the pending post for easy posting once confirmed or B) Figured out I needed to confirm my email before showing the Post UI at all. I mean, you obviously knew I hadn't confirmed yet, so what was so difficult to do that check before opening the interface?

And now that I'm thinking about it, WTF is with this itty-bitty window for posting? There's like, what, 9.5 lines visible? Are you actually encouraging shorter posts? Or trying to get posters to forget what they were writing out, so that they might start to repeat themselves having started a tangent and now can't recall what they were actually ranting about because it's now out of view?

I don't know. I was told to come here and express my anger, and I really didn't have much to be upset about, but now that I'm taking a cursory look I can't help but imagine what else might be lurking behind the scenes.

I'm attaching an image (hope that's allowed, let's see... pasting doesn't work. Fine, save as...) Well it attached. Supposedly. Can't tell what I attached, let's assume it's the correct one, because all I know is that the link to attach changed to "Remove image" and there's no preview of it (you know, because Web 3.0 doesn't have this kind of capability, dontcha know).

Anyways, about the image I intend to attach, why is this post interface so tiny? Is it intended to be used on a mobile device at QVGA resolution? Can't be, because visiting the site on a phone nags me to install the devRant App (you know, because I *totally* need yet another forum-browsing app to clutter my phone) and won't actually let me browse the site without faking my user agent (you know, because that's how we do things). So, clearly this is intentional for the Desktop experience, but I can't imagine for the life of me why you'd want to do this. Like, as if I opened up Microsoft Word and was presented with a document the size of a notecard by default. No site that I know what encourages up to 4 kb of text leaves the primary text area this small (though, to be fair I don't frequent many forums). It's frankly silly.

Anyways, I've filled a few hundred bytes in this post so I'll end it here. Maybe I'll get some pluses (or whatever) so I can actually achieve my initial goal of setting my standard profile picture (which typically costs about 4KB of disk space, though with modern storage means 16 KB of actual usage because sectors are still a thing even though they're not actually sectors but whatever), so by taking up my time generating this text I might be allowed to take up the same amount of space as two posts on the server.

Because, you know, logic. Or something. Whatever.

Rant kinda turned into ramble, but that's what you get for a first post.

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    To be fair, the web version is just an addition to the app, not the other way around. But many of your points still stay.
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    is this window really t h a t small? XD
    welcome to devRant I guess
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    @Alice oh snap, you are back! whatsup gal
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    @dontPanic Not much, I was mainly bored around christmas and new year. My activity already decreases again. How are you?
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    @Alice Ah, so the web interface is meant to be secondary to the mobile App? Interesting. But, not interesting enough for me to try the mobile app.
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    @Tsaukpaetra Yep. devRant is advertised as a mobile app for developers, not a website or simply as a community (Although it says otherwise on the new website). The web version also only got a huge remake last year, but sadly the text area size is still the same.
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    @Alice pretty well... gotta study a lot; the exam session is coming. glad you're back, it's been pretty boring lately on here
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    @dontPanic I noticed. Kinda.
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    @dontPanic > it's been pretty boring lately on here

    Funny, that sentiment was echoed a mere three hours ago on my primary community forum. Must be the 2018-2019 changeover.
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    1. you dont need to post something. comments can also accumulate ++.
    2. if you have ideas for the frontend(@trogus) or backend(@dfox) you can open an issue on github
    3. you can reformat the disk to an lower sectorsize. its your choice.
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    I guess you can change your dp now. Happy ranting :p
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    🤦‍♂️ why am I here
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    its your job @karma
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    @mundo03 LMAO, I mean, what is this place except to rant. Did I not provide?
    Methinks the user doth protest too much.
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    @Tsaukpaetra I see you have a face now.
    Your points are valid, I just wanted to tell you to STFU :D
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    @mundo03 Yes, I have recreated a simulacrum of my living avatar. It's not as pretty as my actual avatar, but it does the job well enough I suppose.
    I suppose, however, I cannot obey your request, for being quiet seems in opposition to the goals of this site. We'll see how long it lasts...
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    @Tsaukpaetra You seem reluctant to the ways of devrant since the beggingin.

    You will surely have fun, there are people still around since the beggining, I have been aroudn for about 2 years, minly lurking and telling people to STFU.

    Have fun!
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    @mundo03 Well to be open and honest I was delivered here on challenge/dare. I decided to see what the fuss was all about.

    Oof, Ctrl-Enter does not submit the post. Oh well, not like keyboard navigation is a thing anymore either...
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    @Tsaukpaetra in the name of yisus crist our savior.
    This is ment to be used on the mobile app, the web one is not the way to use this, but can be used if you are at your PC and just feel like ranting.

    You can download a desktop client, you can also get a CLI client.

    Hell, you can contribute to any client, including the web and the app.

    I do see you are ranting, and that is fine, but you can also do something about it, which I hope you do, in this topic and in life in general.
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    @mundo03 I was almost considering making a connector-bot to attach to my primary forum, to translate and repost between the two. I doubt anyone's made such a thing, and my time is limited, but if I'm bored enough....
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    @Tsaukpaetra nice, you do you.
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