What's your daily routine?

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    routine? habits make me unhappy.
    I'd like to experience something new every day.
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    @heyheni eyyyyy I also wank in a different spot every day!
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    @heyheni ok then can I ask what was your today's routine??
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    @Ganofins scrolling devRant to infinity 😄
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    7:50 get up
    8:05 get my son up, sit him at the table with some food, take the dog out
    8:20 get cleaned up
    8:40 help my wife and make sure she has everything she needs
    8:50 leave on my bike
    9:06 catch the train
    9:22 arrive downtown, walk to the office
    9:27 arrive at the office, make tea
    9:30 dial into our daily standup call
    9:45 work on my projects
    11:00 lunch
    12:00 work on my projects
    3:45 leave to go home
    4:21 arrive at home, give my wife a break and take the kids until dinner time
    6:15 sit down for dinner
    6:45 give kids baths, brush kids' teeth, change diapers, change them into pajamas, read them a chapter of something
    7:00 lights out for the kids, catch up on our shows, drink some beer or wine or tea, cuddle on the couch
    9:00 wife goes to bed, I sit down at the computer
    12:00 I go to bed
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    @bahua oh great
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    Here is mine

    6:45 get up and start getting ready for my college
    7:15 have some breakfast
    7:30 get on the bus
    9:10 reach the college
    9:15 lecture starts
    12:15 launch break till 1:00
    1:00 then again lecture till 3:20
    3:30 get on the bus
    5:30 reach home
    5:50 do some of college homework + procrastination
    7:30 have dinner + some other work
    9:30 coding
    11:30 go to bed
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    6:00 sleep
    7:00 sleep
    8:00 sleep
    9:00 sleep
    10:00 sleep
    11:00 sleep
    12:00 sleep
    13:00 sleep
    14:00 sleep
    15:00 sleep
    16:00 roll in front of computer, watch videos
    19:00 notice that i havent drank/eaten yet
    19:15 make pizza
    19:25 eat pizza
    20:00 work on projects
    4:00 roll into bed

    Replace "sleep" with "work" in case of a work day
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    5.00 alarm: shower, breakfast and code.
    7.45 drive my ass to the office.
    12.00 lunch break
    13.00 office
    16.30 back home and do whatever
    This "do whatever" block includes making diner and eat before 6 pm, go to the gym for an hour and sometimes cleaning and laundry.
    21.00 bed time,no way around it...
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    Wake up
    Do stuff
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    5:45 radio alarm
    5:55 phone alarm, get up
    6:45 leave house
    7:11 train
    8:45 arrive at work, set up desk, get water / coffee
    9:00 emails, slack, check systems status
    9:30 daily call with manager
    9:45 carry on with assigned tasks / dick around with laptop os and sysadmin bits
    11:30 start thinking about lunch
    13:30 go out and get lunch. normally involves either noodles, burrito, or a shitty supermarket meal deal
    14:35 back to work
    17:00 hey, this bug / service ticket looks quick and easy
    17:20 actually it's been a data loss vuln happily sitting there for 2 years. write up wall of text on ticket.
    17:45 pack up and leave for the day
    18:05 train
    19:45 get home, eat dinner
    20:30 drink beer, dick around on internet
    22:00 shower
    22:30 dick around on internet
    00:00 sleep, listen to asmr
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