Saw this on facebook programing group.

Someone ask how to start being programmer.

Then someone replied, get a 5000 pieces of puzzle, and then finish it until it complete.

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    Good thing it was on Facebook and not here.
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    That answer is surprisingly accurate!
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    When you finish the puzzle, build a castle with LEGO.
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    @C0D4 after the LEGO castle, solve a 4D Rubic's Cube.
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    That's actually a rubics-tesseract.
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    You guys are forgetting a couple things aren't you? I mean I don't know specifically since I've yet to only have to sort through my own chaotic mess, but as much as you guys bitch there seems to be the need for group of chimps running around in this analogy, some moving your lego pieces, some taking markers and super glue to your rubics, some flinging feces and just pissing on everything in general. Then there's big ape you couldn't fuck with if you wanted that comes and just completely wipes out your lego house, then points at a slightly darker, sleeker lego set, meaning he really wants those pretty colors instead of the ones you had. And don't look now, I think curious george just struck the zippo you kept in your desk and burned himself trying to light up the cigarettes you smoke as an excuse to get away from the madness for 5 seconds. Better go grab the fire extinguisher and put out the puzzle. He dropped both on it and you know who will get blamed for it...

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