What do you prefer remote or on site job? And why?

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    If you have fun and capable colleagues, then site otherwise remote
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    At site with possibility to work remote when handy.
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    I like having an office to commute to, for the ritual, but I also want to be able to work from home whenever I want, without having to explain myself. I fortunately have that right now.
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    At site, I value good colleagues and find that I am much more focused than when working remotely.
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    Remote: far less distracting. Especially in an open office building where it us constantly noisy and smelly and everyone is always coughing and dying apparently.

    At home/remote the main times I'm interrupted are for actual meetings on the calendar, or when I myself check notifications for a chat. Not by drive by questions that haven't been even half way thought through.

    Those are minor problems though compared to the real itch. I hate commuting. Even if it is only 5 minutes away I hate it. Such a worthless trivial waste if time to have to "get ready" and go. When I can just put on coffee and get to work right away.

    The only benefit to going into the office would be wasting time with coworkers. But then I'm just wasting time.
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    On site helped me easily separate work from play.

    Working remotely I work and play all the time and sometimes overdo one or the other.
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