As every programming language is shit, we'll propably go back to Assembly.

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    You just said every programming language is shit, get yo ass back to binary.
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    @C0D4 I wanted to write that but I have no clue how Assembly is compiled and whats actually executed. 🤔
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    @Marl3x assembly is compiled like any other language but its much closer to the binary.

    But one assembly instruction might be encoded as multiple more specific binary instruction depending on arguments.
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    Naah, we'll go to javascript :) it doesn't make sense in most ways but it makes sense as an idea of generic oop language.

    P.S. I still hate js...
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    Binary coding nah.
    Writing instructions codes in a hex editor
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    Pf... Casuals... Back to perforated cards! That's the real deal, everything else sucks.
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    @potata punch cards is just the storage medium or input channel, its the same as binary instructions :)

    If you want to go older you should patch the instructions with wires directly between components.

    Checkout the 8 bit bread board computer, thats going to the lowest level :P

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    @Voxera yeah, but wires are stone age while a punch card is a bit modern :p

    All in all, yeah, building an 8bit computer should be amazing
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    >he doesn't manually key in bytecode for his CPU to execute
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    Also if you haven't found a good programming language, you aren't looking hard enough
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