Sitting here with my headphones + cap + hoodie on, and guess what... it’s working. No one disturbing me. I ... I feel like I’m a stone.

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    I would see as a freak or haxxor wannabe, just ignore people or wear headsets if you don’t wanna interact with them
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    Add sunglasses and you are the cliché movie h4xx0r :D
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    @chromdioxyde Add a balaclava, a crowbar and a 9mm and you're the stock photo h4xx0r.

    Of course, you also gotta turn off the computer first. Real H4xx0rs work only on turned off computers.
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    Ufff - working on an turned off computer is too 1337 for me I guess
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    @ilPinguino of course! How could I have missed that? Don't forget the chain with padlock around the monitor of the turned off computer :D
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    @chromdioxyde Hellyeah, I always do that.
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    Don’t forgot to google matrix wallpaper and you’re set to go
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