At 13 years old, she is the youngest person to have completed the entire freeCodeCamp curriculum.

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    Hard work pays off.
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    Full stack!
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    - Do some Javascript web frontend
    - Do some Javascript web backend

    --> "FULL STACK"

    Thats like 3% of the stack, just saying..
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    Now who's gonna sign up as a 0 year to beat her record?
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    To all the js haters: Fcc is actually awesome. Completly free and you learn a lot about cs including working on some real open source projects.

    Make fun of it as much as you want but there are many people making a very good living with "fullstack" development. Sometimes it just seems people are jealous that this is possible nowadays.
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    @nam17887 if you do any backend you should know something about that part of the stack too.

    Writing backend without knowing the server, database, unix, etc would be writing front end, just saying.
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