At 13 years old, she is the youngest person to have completed the entire freeCodeCamp curriculum.

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    Hard work pays off.
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    Full stack!
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    - Do some Javascript web frontend
    - Do some Javascript web backend

    --> "FULL STACK"

    Thats like 3% of the stack, just saying..
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    Wow! I'm 15 and would like to achieve something like that, but I haven't finished any course on Udemy nor eDX.
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    Now who's gonna sign up as a 0 year to beat her record?
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    To all the js haters: Fcc is actually awesome. Completly free and you learn a lot about cs including working on some real open source projects.

    Make fun of it as much as you want but there are many people making a very good living with "fullstack" development. Sometimes it just seems people are jealous that this is possible nowadays.
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    Yeah but try to use their certs when looking for work. I garuntee you in Australia all employees will say who gives a shit? Never heard of fcc
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