GitHub has free private repos now.

BitBucket who?

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    Since when did this happen?!

    That would have been great to know before I grabbed the wrong backup of my app ;-;
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    @lxmcf since a few hours ago I think
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    But but but Microshit is evil and hates open source!!!!!

    This is just a move to steal our datas and invade much privacy!!!!!!!!! /s
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    @Stuxnet 😂😂😂
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    @Stuxnet I'm blocking github indeed, due to reasons related to Microsoft owning (or soon) it now.

    If you'd like an explanation, I'd be happy to give it to you, although I have to say that I probably explained this 30+ times by now on here.
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    Bitbucket is not considered dead for corporate with budgets. If only Bitbucket alone maybe but the whole Atlasian products are integrated quite well. Worth the fees.

    And even the free repos has limitations on GitHub with 3 collaborators etc.

    Good for small teams and individuals who doesn't mind using MS products.

    The rest will still be on gitlab, I'm sure.
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    @linuxxx even "if" Microsoft is spying on me through GitHub, there is nothing to grab as sellable data. And on top of this, my repos are not even spying on, there is nothing of value
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    @linuxxx if you've got sensitive data on git you're doing it wrong fella.
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    still gonna use GitLab tho
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    Only for 3 contributors though. But still awesome news
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    Yeah I've got a tonne of private stuff on Bitbucket. I'm actually a little annoyed because now I have to think about going back to github and then I'd have to actually migrate everything. It's like this whole... thing... you know what I mean. Also I was always rooting for Bitbucket since I'm Australian. Maybe they'll stay competitive with cheaper plans? Maybe that trello integration will drive sales?

    Yeah I'm sad
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    @M3m35terJ05h being an Australian has another major negative fact now as well :3

    I heard your government can access your data from a company registered under them :3
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    @kenogo I don’t want people to see my spaghetti code, but it’s by no means sensitive.
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    @iKameo @deodexed Funny how you're jumping to conclusions while you haven't even heard my reasoning/reasons yet.

    Because this has nothing to do with them.
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    @linuxxx trust me, I've seen your reasoning more than enough on this platform.
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    @deodexed @linuxxx I've seen you hating on Microsoft before. So that was my best guess. But please tell me, what's your reason on this specific topic
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    @deodexed No offense but apparently not, because what you're saying isn't even close to my reasoning in this case.

    Have we forgotten the snowden leaks? They showed multiple unlawful mass surveillance programs ran by the NSA. The one which bothers me the most till this day is the PRISM program.
    Its a program which, when served with some "underground" warrant (not entirely sure how the 'legal' part goes), requires a company to give the NSA some form of direct access to its servers/databases which allows them to slurp up any data passing through the companies networks.
    We're not sure whether this includes everything of the company but this fact is something which I find very scary.

    If a company is acquired by any of the companies integrated within this mass surveillance network, it's servers might become part of this surveillance program as well.

    To cut it short: github might become integrated within the PRISM mass surveillance network.

    Next to that, quite some devs (this was the reason why a lot of devs quit github after the announcement) believe that open source software can be a good alternative to proprietary/non-free/not-privacy-respecting pieces of software/services.
    When the company which is one of worlds biggest vendor of the software which loads of people write open source alternatives for gets in the hands of that company, it doesn't feel good for those people.
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