Now that github is also offering unlimited private repos to free users, I'm thinking of using it as a backup of my gitlab private repos.

Like pushing to a gitlab private repo auto push to a github private repo kind of workflow.

I will search how to do it online.
However it would be awesome if anyone with similar previous experience can share their wisdom here 😁

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    I have a cronjob on my server which pulls every hour from one remote and pushes to another remote for these kind of things. All set up with an extra user with extra SSH keys, just for synching.
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    I haven't tried it yet, but I image you could do the same as @kolaente using GitLab's CI, so it'll sync on every push
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    @jallman112 @kolaente

    thank guys.

    But it seems I don't have to get my hands dirty at all :D


    I'm using gitlab.com and they have built in service for what I want ^_^ sweeeeeeeet
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    Gotta love GitLab! 😀
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    Your working copy is a backup
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    @FrodoSwaggins I trust in reliable cloud services more than my working copy :D

    My PC is really a potato one. I don't know when will it die on me.
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    @cursee then gitlab is your backup

    It’s in two spots one of which is a cloud services, what more is needed?
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    @FrodoSwaggins what if gitlab is down or they lost some data?

    I'm using their free service 😁
    I don't think I can expect much from them when shit goes down.

    It's probably a very rare and almost will never meet scenario. But it can still happen.
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    @cursee then you have a backup, your working copy

    It is in two places
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    @FrodoSwaggins I don't keep all the projects in my laptop. My working copies are literally the working projects only.

    There are live projects, archived projects, cancelled projects, etc. But I still would like to keep them.

    After 7 years of development, I don't wanna keep all kinds of projects in my potato.
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