A kind of twisted question but what are the features/keywords/syntax you don't want to be in your favorite programming language?

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    Pass by value by default for non-basic types. Pass by reference by default would be much easier to work with without horrible universal ref constructs. (C++)
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    JS: var
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    Actually, I think this would be a nice Week Rant topic. 🤔
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    If I answered my question, I would say having more than one way to do things in Ruby.
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    Disable one character variable except for loop :3
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    @cursee what about using x y and z (maybe even w) for coordinates in a class
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    @AL1L it is a rare case and in that case the developer can easily use cor_x or corX or something anyway :/
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    C#: The goto keyword. WHY DOES IT EVEN EXIST WTF
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