Not dev, but IT...

Just found out that one section of my place of work still uses floppy disks. No I’m not fucking kidding. The other sad part? We still have the outdated computers to read them. 😩😂

Please, send help or a job application...

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    That's awesome lol

    I'd love to still use floppy's 😂😂
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    Are you willing to migrate?
    Edit: I've seen online that the launch of US nuclear missiles still works by floppies, too. I really hope that's not part of your job, lol
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    @CoffeeNcode lol I’m willing to, I’d love to upgrade all of our old tech. Our phone system is older than I am.

    Not a nuclear launch site sadly, but we have nuclear medicine? Lol
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    What size floppies?
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    @-Tor okay, a year or two? That's a bit exaggerated^^
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    @-Tor new tech is made to be fancy and "easy". Old tech was made to preform and last. Case in point: unix vs explorer
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    @-Tor okay, granted. But if you don't maintain a framework, I don't seem it fit for longer use anyways. And while I generally agree on it that older stuff lasts longer, I do think using floppies takes that too far ^^
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    When our student body moved office we found old floppy disks from our predecessors in the 90ies where they stored their plans for bbqs or field trips, it was wonderful :D
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