tldr: Fuck Adobe Premiere

What the flying fuck.
I have a school project together with a friend and decided to do a video. Not only do we now only have one fucking day left, because the teacher decided we dont need time or anything, but I have to learn video editing software, record clips and create the video withing one fucking day.
I've downloaded Premiere because I have a 7 day trial left and had Creative Cloud on my PC and WHAT THE FUCK kind of fucked up bullshit software is this human compiled piece of shit?! I needed to google how to add text and edit it because adding text gives you absolutely nothing, you get no possibility to edit the text in any way, except the content. After googling for 10 minutes because I have the newest version and they changed the text tool, I found out that you need to go to another tab... of which there is 7 and all have such telling names like: "Effects" and "Compose"...
I needed to go to "Effects" BECAUSE WHY THE FUCK NOT, TEXT SURE LOOKS LIKE AN EFFECT TO ME! Then I wanted to align it to the right so its on 50% of the screen. You fucking cant, I've tried and looked for an hour the only possibility you have is to align it to the center or just throw it somewhere. The snapping didn't even work correctly. So I tried to do something else because I was ready to punch a kitten.
A box. A box thats black. A box thats black and thats aligned to the... FUCK YOU, YOU CANT ALIGN THIS BOX.

I cant align a box...
They dont even give me the possibility to...
But I can align the text BOX, not even the FUCKING TEXT itself...


This is the worst program I've EVER had to use. I'm fucking mad and this fucking project can FUCK ITSELF.

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    I found DaVinci Resolve to be much better for basic video editing, I managed to do quite a bit without ever looking at a tutorial. Free too for limited (but quite enough) features and unlimited time. If you're looking to quickly cut and edit videos and add basic effects and compose a movie or something out of it I can't recommend it enough.

    I don't use Premiere Pro but I do use After Effects, and I can say that it really does have a steep learnt curve.
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    @RememberMe I downloaded Camtasia Studio and its pretty basic, but it can do exactly what I want.
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    I don't want to front anybody, but keep in mind that Premiere Pro isn't a *basic* editing software. It's ment to be used in a professional environment. For example I think you aren't going to bash an IDE just because it has more functions than an editor and needs to put them somewhere, right?
    So I can understand your frustration in some way but keep in mind that you can't get used to any professional software in 24h. But I agree that the placement of the text section is weird.
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    @CaffeineNAnger I wanted to buy the suite for students for 20€, but after this horror...
    But I really like Illustrator and Lightroom and such
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    @jonmi I know thats its propably not suited for the task, but this software should at least allow you to align things, also they dont offer an alternative. I dont even know what software you WOULD use for a task like this.
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    @jonmi That a UI enables also complex tasks is no justification for making simple tasks difficult.
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    @Marl3x Hitfilm 3 or 4 Express
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    @Fast-Nop Yeah whatever, I just mean - Premiere is used to cut movies, how often do you need text in a real movie?
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    @jonmi I downloaded it before Camtasia and its the exact same. Has no align options and is difficult to use. To edit the size of a scrolling text I had to navigate through 4 menues.
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    @jonmi in every single one of them of course. I have yet to see a movie that doesn't have credits before and after.
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    I think I would almost pay a small fortune for something half as good as Picasa.

    If my very, very, very non technical wife can use it without bothering me ever 5 seconds with the same questions, its worth my weight in gold.
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    The good thing about Adobe products is that if you learn one you’ve learnt all. I find Premiere very intuitive, and struggle like hell with Resolve.
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    Bad usability is the key strength of Adobe products for maintaining their position. New students are taught how to use them so they will keep using them when they are professionals and then teach the next students also. Why change if you've worked hard to master something?
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    iMovie should be easy enough.
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    @electrineer maybe the Git UI designers took a lesson from Adobe. ^^
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    @Marl3x just for fun I tried to search for comparisons between Premiere and Resolve
    Other people hate the text engine too, lel, you're not alone.
    But again, Premiere isn't meant to have text, that's apparently supposed to be handled by a motion graphics tool like After Effects or something. Which isn't convenient I suppose but then 🤷‍♂️

    (Also you can tell they're struggling to find cons for Resolve, lol. The first one is a given because it's an industrial grade video editor, the second one is basically "it's not Adobe". Lol.)
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    @RememberMe Does Resolve have a working text tool and alignment options?
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    @RememberMe it’s actually funny if all conversations in the movie have text bubbles😷 could be the next watchman
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    *sitting in corner hoping nobody notices I've been using PhotoFiltre 7 for ages*
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