Need to whip up a quick demo on how a site might work for an organization, so I figured I'd just use the default twentynineteen theme and customizer to get it set up.

Turns out that twentynineteen *does* *not* *have* sidebars.

Instead, all of your content is offset to the left.

And all right-floated boxes go off-margin to the right.

And this is apparently a *feature* because now you can change your sidebar on every damn page instead of setting it in one place like a good site design would dictate! (link: https://github.com/WordPress/...)

I've been trying to bite my tongue and give it a fair shot, but saying that having the only dedicated widget area in the footer and forcing you to rebuild your sidebar on every damn page you want it on is a good thing is beyond the pale stupid. If you need that level of customization on every page, you don't know what you're doing. At the very least include a sidebar and give people the option of overriding it.

And for the love of God, *don't throw the entire goddamn body content off-center claiming you're leaving space for a sidebar you're not going to provide*!

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    From the Github thread: "It is also just a small step compared to phase 2 of Gutenberg"

    IOW: if you think you're fucked now, wait until the next phase.
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