2,5 hours and still waiting.

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    This is why anything that only works in Visual Studio is not something I would enjoy so I avoid the same way I avoid anything that only works in XCode. Less money to pay for medication but no need for SSRI's
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    I introduce you to the hammer of our lord and savior:
    devenv.exe /ResetUserData

    I rarely have problems with VS but when I do, I hammer the fuck out of with that command 🤘🤘🤘
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    Something wrong with internet connections? Definitely don’t need this long. But the latest update requires restart computer really pissed me
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    Hey, at least they are thankful
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    sorry for you, we never had such problems
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    I saw it once, there should be a login window somewhere 😃 it doesn't get its own item.in task bar so you may have missed it 😃 just kill the thing and restart. (+_+)
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    30 minutes later I killed that sucker, the next time I tried it took 2 minutes :)
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