Hated that Android 8.0 (Oreo) and above for killing backend Services very effectively without giving a proper documentation on how to handle it or how to properly maintain and restart the Service without the user to turn on the app. Digging solutions for months and still till today I am totally clueless...

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    i hate that apps cant record calls in oreo.
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    I hate Samsung Oreo killing lockstar and taskchanger. I have to reinstall them from apk to enable their services.
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    Android 9, wanting to keep a termux session running all the time. Without wakelock it dies about 3 times a day, and with wakelock it still dies maybe once a day. Why does this have to be so hard?
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    @Conrad I'm guessing battery life
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    @dodomo Thats why I have a huge-ass 4.2 Ah battery! I hardly ever go below 40%, so please let me control battery usage myself! (I mean you have all these fancy manual battery management settings and performance mode, so why do you not follow them?) And this termux script I'm running doesn't use a lot of power because it sleeps most of the time. Drony uses way more than that and it never gets killed
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    @Conrad it may be using too little power to be listed as needed apps to stay on. Battery optimizers often kill sleeping apps.
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    @Conrad I definitely get it. Android is most certainly not made for only enthusiasts any more :/

    I kind of long for the time when it was only geeks who would want to customize every single thing on their device that had an Android.

    But then again I'm at a stage in my life where I just don't bother anymore...
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    @dodomo used to be very crazy about developing android app however not really anymore
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