It's really sick how beginners start to code in Javascript and CSS, and their complex frameworks, without even understanding atleast the paradigm first. Googling your way up can be fine for smart ones, but as least time optimal this learning method sounds, it's as dangerous and non-productive too.
Also once project gets to a certain level, it's practically impossible to revisit and refactor old codes in front-end languages which kills the maintainability. Views?

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    I started learning CSS and JavaScript two weeks ago, but before I read lot's of articles documentation and I watched few tutorial as well let's Joel the best ;)
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    I'm currently working on a relatively big project. I started it with very basic knowledge, but I've learnt a lot since. I always keep going back to older code and keep improving it with the new knowledge. As long as your code is well written, i. e. comments, descriptive names, you'll be more than fine.
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    How can you ever get good at something without just doing it? Your skills can only improve when faced with real world projects.

    In any case, today's acceptable code is tomorrow's bad practice. Programming evolves at too fast a pace so just jump on and improve as you go!
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    It shouldn't be about beginners. Everybody needs to start somewhere and programming theory may be boring for ones. Bigger issue in this area presents programmers who don't pursuing writing quality code and are good with that what they know and don't have ambitions to learn. It's the origin of crappy unmantainable garbage. Beginners most likely don't work. But those who I mentioning do.
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