Thank you crappy Starbucks app requiring me to refill my Starbucks card in order to pay via the app.

I was first going to rant but this "feature" saved from buying food that actually looks like crap in the store...

Long version: I got an email about the birthday reward (free any side (Large) drink) a few days ago so redeemed it this morning via the app. I sorta felt bad so added a dessert roll so that I would pay something.

Well at the checkout it said need to pay by Store Card.... Under that, it listed my credit card and refill amount. Well WHY THE FUCK CAN'T I JUST USED MY CARD. I am not a regular customer but hey it's $6 for the drink. Anyway so I removed and now it keys me check out without a refill.

Then dragged my ass out of bed because somehow I accidentally ordered... walked to the store. Wanted to order but then saw the actual food and was like "ok let's just get my coffee..."

Picks it up at the pickup spot and quietly walks out looking at all the people in the store wondering why they like this stuff.

The coffee was just like McDonald's to me...

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    It is just like McDonald's coffee. Only with a different logo on it, and 3$ more expensive
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    The food at Starbucks is expensive and terrible. Do not recommend.
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    Starbucks coffee, is McDonald’s with added sugars.

    I don’t mind their iced coffee but beyond that, unless I’m desperate I stay away.
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    @C0D4 I thought it was the other way around?
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    @billgates maybe in the US.
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