Pixel 3 just thermal throttled while watching yt xd

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    Youtube forcing 60 fps videos is pretty stupid especially on mobile where the difference in power draw matters. Luckily you can still watch the 30 fps versions with newpipe.
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    I like 60 fps video over 30 fps. No matter the cost.
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    @Haxk20 even if the cost is horrible stutter or video and audio getting out of sync? I have a couple mobile devices that can't play 720p60. So they are stuck at 480p on the official YouTube app. 60fps should be optional like it is when playing on newpipe.
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    @electrineer you are right but a 1k phone that cant handle it is even more stupid.
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    I wish my phone would throttle. It just keeps running for a while and then suddenly shuts down. Then I usually have about three seconds of hotspot left to open lots of things on my computer that I want to use while the phone shuts off, cools and turns back on.
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    @musician I'm talking about my poop tablet
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    I got an S8 which will play 1440p@60fps no problem in its "sporty" mode. Leave it plugged in under a fan tho 😂😂
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    @electrineer Well ofcourse no in that case.
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    @kenogo well I trade in each year so I basically get 50% off and I'm kinda a Google fanboy so that's why I buy it. This is the first time i ever saw that warning but thought it was funny
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    @kenogo np haha
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