🎵 it's my birthday... It's my birthday... It's my birthday...🎵

Yesterday tried to hack the cash value in Dirt 4... Used Cheat Engine and tried editing the values to 999,999,999 but didn't work. The values (multiple address) don't update in the game.

Well tonight I started the game again just to play a bit.... And I see the credits are... 999,999,999!!!!!

Oh and yes it actually is my birthday today lol

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    Memory gutter
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    Ahhhh cheat engine... I miss those days... I even used to make trainer programs that enable cheats when you press a specific key combo 🤣

    I miss those days
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    @MrCSharp what's different now? I'm 29 btw... No gf... 😢
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    @billgates work and side projects means I don't have much time to play games anymore.

    Also, I feel you mate. But don't feel sad that you don't have a GF. Replace sadness with anger and use it to fuel your effort to keep improving. Focus on yourself and learn new things whenever you can.

    Why would you want to waste your time with a person that will leave you at their earliest convenience?
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    @MrCSharp tax, health, and living cost benefits... That's honestly the only reasons.

    Or maybe just a roommate that pays me rent and won't kill me in my sleep...
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    I took a detour from side projects lately ... Holidays, PC games, and uh... Playing with my new app has taken a lot of my time recently... Yes and work too.
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    Happy birdday
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    Happy birthday 🎉
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    Happy Birthday!

    Did you use ArtMoney? That one never failed me.
    Also: if you change a value, it will in many cases not update in the ui until it gets changed by regular means.
    In your case those were saving and loading. 😉
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    @Yamakuzure I used to use it but I thought cheat engineer was better. Don't remember why since long time ago but I switched from Artm ok net to CE.
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    Google says you're lying
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    Now you are @billgates in Dirt ;)
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    So easy to block.

    Store value, use value+1
    Or store the negative. That prevents searching by both value and deltas.
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    @Root but why... It's not like I want to hack a leaderboard or server... I just want God Mode.... so I can just get to the good parts without the grinding...
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    @billgates I'm a game dev. Part of my job was to prevent hacks like that. lol

    And I did it well.
    e.g. I had multiple copies (usually 2, sometimes more) of interesting values, and if the obvious ones changed unexpectedly I'd mark the player as a cheater. Sometimes only for display sometimes with effects.

    And sometimes the punishments were really inventive and so so much fun to code 😸
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    @Root what happened to the good old days and where games had cheat codes that you just have to type in once finding the hidden console/menu? ...
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    @billgates Sadly past.

    But those wouldn't trip any of my checks, so they'd work just fine.
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    Happy belated birthday!
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    @billgates that's until she gets a divorce and take you to the cleaners for half of your shit.

    Don't let girls be what defines success for you. Focus on yourself, find your passion, work hard and enjoy life. If you decided that a certain girl is good enough that she can tag along in YOUR journey then go for her. But don't let it be your main focus unless you can use it as fuel to improve your life.
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    @MrCSharp I don't, it's just one of those things that would be nice to have.
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