Me too..
What about you?

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    As if code isn't written by people...
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    @kamen Yes, but code doesn't change its mind when circumstances change (which is what keeps us in business, btw)
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    @cannonau Thanks for conveying intended message 🙂
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    @cannonau Agreed, yet this still sounds like "Look at how much of a hacker I am"
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    @kamen Absolutely.
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    node dependency based pwns prove you're wrong, @cannonau
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    @mt3o there's package locks for that, which is frowned upon when used on people. And using shrinkwrap is downright dangerous!
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    Code always does what it says it will.
    People almost never do.
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    I guess this is how lawyers feel when they watch shows like Suits. What a shit phrase.
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    @telephantasm But the phrase holds the truth. And not just another "wannabe hacker line". 😂
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    At least code doesn't lie.

    (Or does it)
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    Man after looking at some back end code from five years ago from my current company, I don't know what to say... So much defensive code, docs lie constantly where they even exist... No comments to be seen beyond auto-generated ones...

    Sad times really
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