Lovely... About a week ago I moved my manjaro installation from bios to UEFI.
I ran a system update last night... and, well, my boot broke, cause mkinitcpio failed to build my initramfs. I was up till twelve cause now my system wouldn't mount a fat32 partition, so till I had my esp mounted and finaly fixed, it was 12. (And I wanted to go to sleep early that night)

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    When I first compiled the 5.0rc1 kernel, I messed something up somewhere (it was like 4 in the morning), and shit just broke. Set rEFInd to have a second boot option for 5.0, typed the PARTUUID wrong. Figured "oh I'll boot into 4.20 to fix it". I CHANGED THE BOOT ENTRY FOR 4.20 INSTEAD OF 5.0.

    So at that point both options wouldn't boot. Put it off cause school, that day I managed to fix it. But that pissed me off, and that's why I don't write code or anything extremely late at night anymore.
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