I really shouldn't use devRant before going to sleep, but that's at least currently the only own and peaceful time I have during week days because of really busy school and work schedule. (Yey, it's weekend!)

If I don't realize that I should stop using devRant at night it moves my sleeping time so that I don't get enough sleep or I won't be able to wake up in a timely manner.

I just immerse in the reading, commenting or even ranting so that I forget the passing of time. Making thing worse is that when I'm writing something my inner perfectionism wakes up and I try to make the text as good as possible and so I get more and more active when I should be relaxing and getting ready to sleep.

Do not worry about my sleep. I'll probably just start to read a book instead. But when it's a good time to use devRant then... 🤔

When or how do you use devRant?
What kind of sleep routines do you have?

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