The office PCs are finally done 😌 Real beauties I think! 😊
Built 3 of them today with each the same parts:
- Ryzen 7 2700X
- Asus B450 Plus
- M.2 Samsung 970 500GB SSD
- RX 570 8GB Armor Edition
- Bequiet CM 600W PSU
- NZXT H500 Case
- Riing 12 coolers

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    Now that is a good mix of specs!!
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    What does the office do? Play Witcher and Fallout? 😁
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    @iAmNaN or stream Overwatch, PUBG or something, while screaming at every bush and rock that makes the slightest noise.
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    RGB? NZXT case? Office?


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    The tridentZ are monsters. What frequency did you choose ?
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    @deodexed The 2400 ones :) Were thinking about going for the HyperX Predators with 2933 instead (as Ryzen has some probs with Frequencies over 2933 as I learned recently) but the price difference was kind of high and benchmarks show no relevant performance increment between 2400 & 2933 😄
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    How do you use RX570 in the office?
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    @oscylo We have a 4K and an Ultra wide monitor for each setup, and as the Ryzen 7 2700x doesn't have a AGPU built in, we needed dedicated GPUs with at least 2x DP and enough power to handle both monitors smoothly. As we got our hands on the 570s quite cheap, we figured to use them :-)
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    @svgPhoenix Yea, kind of overkill tbh. But as the PCs are standing on the desks and the Riing coolers do a pretty good (and most importantly silent!) job, the decision was clear :-) The RGB cooler is the Boxed AMD Wraith cooler as delivered with the CPU. Only the RAM with RGB could have been replaced by default RAM, but the 2400's TridentZ were only minimal more expensive than "default" ones at the time we ordered :-)
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    @jackconnorhull That's cool. How do you have them setup? The 4k above ultra wide or in pivot on the side.
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    @oscylo The 4K on the left, the ultrawide on the right 😄
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    @jackconnorhull Nice setup you've got there.
    It of course depends on individual preferences but for me 2 or 3 4k displays would be a better option. When dealing with those two I would probably use wide One as a main display and a 4k in pivot orientation on a side.

    Thanks for reminding me to clean my desk :)
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    """""""""""OFFICE""""""""""" computers. Right.
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