I'm a terminal-guy. I prefer to live inside my terminal. When my family sees me with the green-on-black, they think I'm up to some nasty stuff like hacking / cracking emails, facebook, bank accounts, etc. Only people who understand to look at the terminal realize it's just a few monitors and log tails running. Sometimes, maybe elinks or vi running as well.

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    now that is one late group rant
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    what to say? I got here too late, but I liked the group rants a lot so I started right from the beginning of it.

    As much as I would like to post all of my group rants together in one go, devRant wouldn't allow me to because of the 2-hour rant limitation (which I think is actually a very good thing BTW; people can't be ranting away all day).
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    I've read your rant, and thought of writing something. But I said "no, you don't need to do it". So I kept scrolling and your rant stayed in my mind haha. So I'm back.
    I don't know if you're looking for empathy towards your suffering of been looked at like a hacker (look for the definition, it is not a bad thing)...
    And also, "the green-on-black", really? What are you using? A fucking ibm pc jr? I use my terminal more than the GUI, but come on man, it's 2019. I use iterm2 with a fucking awesome solarized dark theme haha. And when I have to connect to a server, I don't waste 1 min of my life changing the colors hahaha
    So, to finish my opinion/comment/2 cents/rant. I call shenanigans on you. I don't fucking care what anyone thinks when looking at my computer, neither should you.
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    @marcorodnav I guess you missed the '/ cracking' part in my rant. I put it there for people like you (and me) who does understand the difference between the 2 terms.

    Well, regarding the green-on-black. I like my terminals that way. I'm kind of old that way. Well, if you asked me, I'd prefer to live inside a TTY than a PTY (where the color scheme is a non-negotiable white-on-black); but thanks to modern web javascript, I can't read websites on elinks anymore, so, I am forced to use a GUI to use a web browser and then I'm stuck with a whole desktop environment.

    The point here is not whether or not I care what anyone thinks when they look at my computer (I actually don't; there was a time, in my early terminal days, when I wanted to be seen as a cracker doing 1337-stuff; but those days are long gone), it's about what our families think we're doing, right?
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    @shine well no one in my family gets what I do. When someone asks my mom she just says "he works with computers" and my father goes similar. Leaving them apart, I still don't care what my brother/uncle's/aunts care haha What's the worst thing to happen?
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    same with mine. My immediate family goes one step further and knows that I work with servers (and what they are actually), but for the rest of the people who don't understand, I'm just an engineer in an IT company.

    It's so hard to explain what you do to people who barely knows how to handle their own smartphones to their full potential. I have a distant-relative uncle who still uses an organizer (who uses those things anymore?) to organize his day even though he uses an iPhone for his calls, texts and social media; but that's pretty much all he uses it for. He doesn't get that he can check his emails on his iPhone or organize his day right at his fingertips.

    And to try and explain what a server does to these people? No, thanks, I'd pass. Or rather just find a different occupation that they understand for that matter to pacify them.
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    I always color my terminals black and green. No other colors work in my world.
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