Just attended Azure DevOps Launch here in Philippines

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    I recently setup a repo and a somewhat complicated build and deployment pipeline for a project we're building for a client. We had to migrate build pipeline from bamboo.

    Great product and very well documented.
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    @MrCSharp yeah I'm quite impressed about it
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    It looks great and cool at first... allow some time to pass and we'll see how it turns out in the long run.
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    @theKarlisK When you say at first, Azure DevOps has been around for quite a while now... Just under different names. It started off as visual studio online, then VSTS now Azure DevOps.

    I think it's pretty well proven at this point.
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    @BashouT i meant - Azure looks great at first but use it longer than 60 days and you'll get why some people groan after hearing "Azure".
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    I like how they created a second ceiling only to hide the projector screen.
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    @Traser yeah and it also goes down automatically thru voice command
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    I have never experienced as many problems, as when working with azure
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