So recently I started swiping on Tinder again, after some years of staying away from it. Now that's all fine, right?

But there's another dating platform that I used long long ago, Zoosk. I didn't even know that I had an account on it anymore, and they've never reminded me of it either. But guess what got in my mailbox this morning.. 32 singles that you'll definitely like!

Now how does Zoosk know that I'm on dating sites again.. maybe Tinder? 🤔

You know what, Tinder wanketeers? Fuck you. Sharing my personal data like that. Shame on you!!!

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    You tried okcupid?
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    Tinder, gmail, facebook, microsoft, twitter, reddit, whatsapp, or any of a dozen sites you may frequent.
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    If you have both apps installed, they can access the info.
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    It could be through syndicated adtracking from multiple trackers that they got their info from. Remember - there's a marketing profile assembled on you whether you like it or not, assembled from bits and peices your friends or friends of friends have allowed access to because they don't reallize what blindly "Accept Everything" can result in.
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    @Santaclauze not sure how that's related, but no
    @bahua could be, it's just such a coincidence that the timing "matched" so well with me starting to use Tinder again.
    @mt3o last time I used Zoosk was many years ago, when apps weren't even that much a thing yet...
    @theKarlisK might be yeah.. but my circles have pretty much changed completely between last time I used Zoosk and now, and nowadays I've broken ties with most of the people that do this.

    Regardless of all that, fuck Tinder and dating sites in general. I'm done with all of that if data sharing for "free service with ads" is the status quo.
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