My grandma saw me programming for one whole day and she started to rant.

Grandma: "She's been sitting all day infront of her computer doing computer stuff! Electricity bill's getting higher!"
Mum: "Well at least she's not out late at night getting drunk and partying!"
Grandma: "Computer girl"

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    "In my day we got shit faced on a Friday! Woke up at noon on Saturday with a hangover ... and we liked it."
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    same thing but between my parents and me...
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    Good on you!
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    You could drunkenly code. At least that's when I tend to fix things.
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    Grandmother: Hrumpf well if I never went out and got drunk at parties I never would have had your mother!
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    I remember my mother literally forcing me to parties, because she feared I didn't go because I had a girlfriend and that she (gf) was holding me back.. while in reality I just like sitting at home on weekends and writing applications. She understood later luckily, but I'm still glad I got my own place 😅
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    @SithLord nonDev people sometimes don't understand us XD
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    @switchstep indeed 😂👍🏻
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