Will earth still exist without JavaScript? 🤔

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    It managed to spin on its axes in the Goldilocks zone without JavaScript, I’m sure it will work it out again.
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    The less the better
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    Can only be better. I made raw estimations that without having to use so much RAM (Electron), thus saving energy, we should be able to colonize the entire solar system in about 5 years.
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    @Jilano electron is not the RAM sucker though. Its chromium, it is possible to inject other engines and ram usage decreases a lot.
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    World will be much better.

    No javascript
    No broswer sides app
    No user interaction
    No problems
    No bugs
    No work
    No money
    No food
    No you

    Better earth.
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    ASM.js temporarily, then wasm. All the standard js APIs will be exposed by a standard glue js file, which will eventually become a part of the browser. This can actually happen pretty quickly, common use of wasm is the hardest part because we need languages, and most high level languages tend to run on a VM of some sort.
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