Your favorite saas app?

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    Adobe Creative Cloud
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    None. I dont like a subscription for software.
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    Google drive and its office suite.

    ..in fact, almost every Google's service.

    ..wait, almost everything on web.
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    @LinusTorvald If you use things on a daily or bi-daily basis it might be handy.

    But paying for Photoshop monthly while only using it a single day of the month and sometimes not even that? That's ridiculous, that's why I use affinity software, for a one time 50 dollar.

    Same with GameMaker Studio 2.

    I bought GM:S 1 because the price and time I could use it (theoretically indefinite) was amazing, even though I only used it once in two months. with GM:S 2 you need to pay a monthly fee which will be way more expensive in the end.

    To give a good example from the video:

    If I only listen to one song on spotify would I get a spotify subscription or just buy the song once?

    And as they say in the video:

    I'm not opposed to the subscription model. I am opposed to making that the only way to use it, and having a minimal subscription time.

    For me personally things like that would get way to expensive.
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    @Codex404 @LinusTorvald

    I really don't like the way game industry is going. 😞

    In the simpler time where I bought a game and I own it and I can play until I die and I don't have to spend another cent. Unless there is expansion. And sequels :3

    Now I feel like games are trying to adopt SAAS approach.
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    @cursee the only SAAS game I know is around for 15 years.
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    @Codex404 there is SAAS game? 😮

    BTW, it's a bit awkward to witness how Linus Torvalds can become HornyDev in a blink of an eye.
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    @cursee World of Warcraft, a subscription based game paid for monthly.
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    @Codex404 Why you don't like it? I think the subscription model fits software very well, since it needs constant maintenance.
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    @holycode because there is no software I use regularly (besides the free & opensource ones). If I use word, photoshop both not even a day per month on average. Its way more expensive to use then a single copy, since getting the latest version is not that important then.

    For a more detailed description read my other comments here.
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